Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ocean Fair at Jack's Diving Locker

This past Saturday Jack's Diving Locker held an Ocean Fair which included diving seminars on various subjects as well as craft and game activities for the kids. We took our six-year-old grandson Jacques to the Fair where he got to try out kid-sized SASY scuba gear in the pool. While he had a little trouble with the mask, he was a natural with the regulator and had a good introductory experience.

Jacques was eager to try out the regulator.

His instructor was Wendy who was excellent and very patient.

He looked awful cute.

"I can see my feet!"

Probably as much as anything else, Jacques enjoyed the bubbles from the free-flowing regulator.

The Ocean Fair was an excellent experience for Jacques and I would recommend anyone with kids who are interested in the sea to attend next year's fair.

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