Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dwarf Moray

The Dwarf Moray (Gymnothorax meleatremus) is, surprisingly, the smallest species of moray eel, seldom exceeding a foot in length. It is sometimes referred to as a Pencil Moray because of its size and yellow color.

I found this one at the entrance to a lava tube. When I first saw it, the Dwarf was sharing a hole in the wall with a juvenile Whitemouth Moray. When I started taking photos, the Whitemouth swam off but the Dwarf stood its ground. Pugnacious beyond its size, it even took a couple of lunges at one of my strobes.

All Photos Copyright 2011 by Barry Fackler

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Barred Conger Eel

Last month I got to observe a seldom-seen Barred Conger Eel while diving at about 93 feet deep in Honaunau Bay. Betty and I used to see one at this same locale several years ago, back in my pre-digital photography days. . I don't know if this is the same individual or not. According to Hoover's The Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes "If you find one (Barred Conger), congratulate yourself-few divers have ever seen this animal". So, I consider myself fairly lucky. Here are three photos of the creature.

All Photos Copyright 2011 by Barry Fackler

Friday, August 12, 2011

Commerson's Frogfish, juvenile

I've been seeing this juvenile Commerson's Frogfish for the last three weekends now. It's a pretty big juvenile (about five inches long) and I suspect it will be losing its bright yellow coloration and gaining less conspicuous camouflage. It has been very cooperative for photographs and stays in the same general area.

All Photographs are Copyrighted 2011 by Barry Fackler