Sunday, June 8, 2014

Artist's Reception @ Peaberry & Galette

During the month of June, a sampling of my photos will be on exhibit at Peaberry & Galette coffee shop in the Keauhou Shopping Center. This past Friday (6/6/14), Betty arranged an artist's reception for me. We had a pretty fantastic turnout and had a great time. Plenty of food, wine and talk story about the ocean and photography!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Octopus' Garden

Photos Copyright 2014 by Barry Fackler

day octopus                          Octopus cyanea

Beautiful Sea Turtles

All Photos Copyright 2014 by Barry Fackler

Green Sea Turtles                       Chelonia mydas

Artsy Dolphins

Copyright 2014 by Barry Fackler

Sometimes the weather and the water and the dolphins all cooperate to give you a neat picture and it turns out blurry anyway. That's when you put that failed attempt into PhotoShop, try to make it look artsy, and convince yourself that you wanted it to look like that all along.