Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Couple

Haven't been seeing a lot of really interesting stuff recently. but I did get this shot of a pair of moorish idols (Zanclus cornutus) gliding serenely along a wall at Honaunau. I thought they made a nice couple. Have a nice weekend!

Photo Copyright 2013 by Barry Fackler

Saturday, June 8, 2013

South Swell

We've been hit with two late-season south swells for two consecutive weeks. I took these photos earlier this week at a spot called"The End of the World" otherwise known as Kuamo'o Bay. The ocean is beautiful when it is angry!

All photos Copyright 2013 by Barry Fackler

Nudi Show

While photographing giant manta rays at Keauhou Bay, I happened upon two distinct species of nudibranchs during the course of the morning. The first was a Varicose Phyllidia (Phylidiella varicosa), a thick, robust slug which is sometimes referred to as a "fried egg nudibranch" due to its round yellow markings on an irregular white background.

Photos Copyright 2013 by Barry Fackler

Later, I found a small, pink-and-black Pustulose Phyllidia (Phylidiella pustulosa) slinking through some coral rubble appearing to be searching for cover.

Photos Copyright 2013 by Barry Fackler
I sometimes (maybe often) lament not being able to afford the expensive camera rigs the serious underwater photographers use. My equipment is just a compact "point-and-shoot" camera in a housing. However, those kits need to be set up specifically for macro or wide-angle prior to the dive. I would never have gotten photos of inch-long nudibranchs and mantas on the same dive with a "pro" kit. So, in a way, I have more flexibility and probably less frustration just taking underwater snapshots than trying to get on the cover of National Geographic.