Thursday, April 11, 2013

SCUBA in Men's Literature

When I was a wee lad, my Dad would take me to Chandu's Barber Shop to get my regulation  "flattop" haircut. This usually involved a bit of a wait in an environment fairly devoid of things of interest to a small boy. But I liked to read and Chandu kept a wealth of reading material of the variety politely referred to as "men's adventure magazines". These tomes had names like Stag, Argosy, and Saga and contained fantastically absurd stories of macho derring-do in situations of combat, survival against the elements, and the newly popular secret agent genre. They were luridly illustrated with scenes of rugged, often scarred, heroes battling evil-doers (Nazis & Reds usually) while a gorgeous well-endowed woman stood by trying in vain not to spill out of her underwear/bikini/lingerie. It was in these pages that I learned that WWII was essentially won by half-naked women.

But, I digress...

Often these testosterone tales would revolve around SCUBA diving and provided me with something interesting to think about aside from the obvious. Here is some artwork from these thrilling stories of yesteryear. Enjoy!

Beautiful, blonde, nude SCUBA women. Happens every day

The Buddy System: You fight the two bad guys. I'll rescue the babe.

No kidding. This actually happened!

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