Friday, March 16, 2012

Last Weekend's Dolphin Encounter at Honaunau

 Thought I'd post a few pics of the spinner dolphin activity at Honaunau last Saturday. Probably 50 cetaceans with at least 5 juveniles. One mom had two small calves with her. Maybe she was tending one for another mom or maybe a rare instance of twins.
Photo Copyright 2012 by Barry Fackler

I took this photo just before descent. The heiau, the palms, the blue sky and puffy white clouds all looked so perfect. Of course, there is the prerequisite water drop on the housing lens!

 Photo Copyright 2012 by Barry Fackler

Down at depth, a lot of dolphin activity with elements of the pod coming moderately close but not super close. Lots of clicks and squeals with the pod still wide awake and energized.

Photo Copyright 2012 by Barry Fackler

This subgroup came right by me as they surfaced for air.

Photo Copyright 2012 by Barry Fackler

This was my one close encounter of the dive. Even though the dolphins stayed too far away, I remained uncharacteristically optimistic and used my strobe unit. This female seemed intrigued by the flash and came nearer to check it out. I got this wonderful "blowhole shot" without the benefit of flash as,of course, it was still recycling.

Nevertheless, a better day of diving than a lot of folks get and another little adventure to treasure.

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