Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Devil Scorpionfish

Copyright 2010 by Barry Fackler

Here's a few photos of a Devil Scorpionfish I saw on a recent dive. These fish are a miracle of adaptation  having developed camouflage that allows them to blend in perfectly with a coral rubble bottom. They are ambush predators that wait patiently for a careless fish to swim by. The scorpionfish then quickly opens its mouth which creates a partial vacuum and sucks in the fish.

Copyright 2010 by Barry Fackler

Scorpionfish have venomous spines in their dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. Stepping on one will result in a painful sting. Although this fish blends in with its surroundings, when disturbed it will swim a few feet and, in the process, reveals bright orange and yellow markings on its pectoral fins which advertise its presence. 

Copyright 2010 by Barry Fackler

While this fish is considered unattractive by many, it is truly a underwater wonder and is a treat to see on a dive!

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