Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Morning at Kealakekua Bay

Betty's birthday was on New Year's Eve and we spent the weekend celebrating. The one activity she really wanted to do was go for a snorkel cruise on the Fairwind ll. The Fairwind is a big catamaran that cruises to Kealakekua Bay which is a really beautiful marine preserve. The boat is roomy and comfortable, the crew very attentive and a continental breakfast and lunch are served. Whenever we have mainland guests, we usually take them out on this cruise. It's just a nice relaxing day.

The birthday girl and her favorite little guy, grandson Jacques.

Jacques and his mommy, Trina.

Under way!

As we entered Kealakekua Bay. two Humpback Whales breached around 50 yards away from the boat. The resulting splash looked like a giant explosion. They swam out to the open ocean but one of them breached again and both of them "spy-hopped" Spy-hopping is when a whale sticks its head vertically out of the water to look at things above the waterline.

Seeing whales was cool enough to impress even a 5 year old!

The water was clear and beautiful. Conditions in the bay are almost always calm and the weather today was bright and sunny.

Betty enjoying a swim.

A Bluefin Trevally glides through the shallows

This Leatherback followed close behind

As usual, we had a great time on the Fairwind. I recommend this activity highly whether you're a visitor or resident. I'm including a link on the right side of this page.

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