Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Octopus Photos

Copyright 2009 by Barry Fackler
I've been really busy recently and haven't had time to post much. I'm not too sure anybody's reading so I probably can't be missed too much! Anyway, we're getting ready for company at the end of the month, Betty's office expansion happens this weekend and there's been a little turmoil at work as everyone is getting a 5% wage reduction as a result of the ongoing economic crisis. Anyway, I still feel lucky to have a job, live in Hawai'i, and be married to my best friend.
Copyright 2009 by Barry Fackler
Here for your viewing are some more octopus photos from last weekend's dive. These show the octopus in its white coloration. The experts think that octopus not only changes color for camoflage purposes, but also to convey emotional states or to express warnings. I've seen them blanch white like this and then send waves of purple stripes over their bodies. Its amazing to see.

Copyright 2009 by Barry Fackler
Enjoy the photos and hope to blog again soon. I know it won't be tomorrow because after work I take Jacques to soccer practice and then go to my wife's office to move furniture in preparation for the remodel.

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