Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dive Report for Sunday 9/27/09

Surf on the south side of Honaunau Bay

King of the Seven Seas

For three days we've had big surf from the North and West, pretty much making shore diving a miserable prospect. But today the waves were greatly reduced in size and I had a pleasant pair of dives @ Two-Step, Honaunau. The southern end of the bay was still getting a pretty good shot of surf so I stayed mostly northward. Visibility was ~50' which is pretty good considering all the surf! No big sightings for me today. Did notice a population boom of Yellow Tangs with babies everywhere. Also lots of black phase Longnosed Butterflyfish pairs. Today I took my grandson's Aquaman action figure (It's NOT a doll, Okay?) on my dives and took some photos of it with the reef for background. It was fun and Jacques got a big kick out of seeing the pics up on the computer screen

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